The best packages on Skype & Whatsapp on 4G connections make Yomojo the best!

Yomojo Voucher Codes

In the middle of Friday evening before I could leave for the club, my phone rings and turns out its Skype. Its Mom & Dad calling from Wellington and what a time it is! The signals are clear and I can see& hear them clearly as well. It was a good time speaking to them for 20 minutes & it was clearly a good feeling having spoken to them for the first time in 3 months. All this is due to Yomojo’s great packages for 4G connections & data plans for Whatsapp, Viber & Skype. How helpful are SuperSaverMama’s Yomojo voucher codes? I will explain to you in the following paragraphs.

I moved to Brisbane from Wellington after completing my diploma in small business enterprise software development & management as well as 2 years of experience working for Chorus NZ Ltd as a database support officer. Upon completion of my degree from Queensland University of Technology (Queensland Tech), I was able to land a good job at Mincom Pty Ltd and was able to make good money.

My first budgetary struggles were in the telecommunications category where I would be forced to surrender my connection twice and wait for a month until I was able to pay it off. I clearly struggled with Virgin mobile and I was quite worried as I had to speak to Mom and Dad as well.
My course instructor at Queensland Tech also happened to be the student counsellor for computer science and software engineering students, it was through him that I was introduced to Yomojo. Apart from having one of the best Android phones, their 4GB plan for approximately AUD$ 30 per month helped me wash down my telecom worries. Hence, I was able to communicate easily & was also able to be in touch with my friends regularly.

I am regularly in touch with my parents and also contact my relative & close friends periodically. Yomojo has been my critical saviour and I am also able to regularly post stories on facebook, whatsapp & snapchat. The affordable packages offered by it are the reason I have recommended Yomojo to 5 of my colleagues at work and Yomojo continues to deliver on its promise of best packages and the best service quality it can provide.

Yomojo, Thank you very much for saving my mobile worries! You rock!

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