Surprise For My Girl Jenny

My beloved Jenny is my girl, my princess, my queen and my gal. I am not letting no one come near her regardless of anything. My job at a leading mining and exploration firm can send me abroad for longer periods but I always keep things in the closet to give Jenny a much-needed pleasure and a ‘Me Time’. Plus, it gives me pleasure to have some BDSM with her in my spare time because making love knows no bounds. Adult Shop Promo Code is one of the best things to ever happen because love knows no bounds. For further information and coupon codes visit:

I and Jenny know each other since our school days before we even knew what love meant. We both were adventurous and had our first kiss in 8th grade. We’ve tried a lot of things: We’ve smoked cannabis together, we have snorted cocaine, and we have had danced together and studied together as well. She is a facilities manager at one of Melbourne’s largest stadiums whereas I work at a leading mining and exploration company.

In order to make Jenny feel better home alone, it’s best that she enjoys a little me time and pleasure herself. Pleasuring oneself is never a taboo and though we both are from Catholic households, we both got married last year and have been living together ever since.

I signed up for Adult Shop’s promotions ever since we started living together and I know Jenny’s kinky side. She enjoys the kinky nights and it was on her birthday I gifted her a set of scented vibrators, butt plugs, dildos and BDSM lingerie. Whenever I am away, she would get the time to enjoy and pleasure herself.

I love it when Jenny spoils me and in fact, she spoils me a lot. She would often dress up in lacy and sexy lace lingerie whenever I am back home. Forget the lap dance, we are talking about a more direct interaction of love and something that makes her scream with joy all night. She bought her stuff from Adult Shop as well and is now spoiling me as a sign of love. She obviously loves me when she spoils me.

I thank adult shop for the discount on that bundle because seeing her happy makes me happy. We never let go of anything kinky and thanks to this kinkiness, we are now expecting a kid together.

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